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Friday, June 30, 2017

It's Almost That Time!!!

Can you believe it is almost time for school to start back!! My crews starts back part time in July so it is really, really CLOSE for us;-)  I wanted to do a quick post sharing what curriculum we are using and I would love to hear what everyone else is using!!!!

So let's get started!! I have two boys in 4th this year:-)  One is struggling so we decided not to move him forward to 5th.  The wonderful thing about homeschool is that there is no reason to stress him out!!  I'm going to start with what they are going to be using for the big 4th grade year!!!

Math- Teaching Textbooks, Dad's Worksheets (completely free), FREE Math (completely free)

Language Arts- McRuffy Press

Science- The Lab of Mr. Q Life Science (completely free)

Social Studies- Evan-Moor

As always we will supplement with free worksheets we find throughout the year, unit studies, Teacher's File Box, our monthly co-op classes, etc!!

Alright let me hear what you will be using!!!!