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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 3

I'm a little late on this one......we wrapped up our 3rd day of home school on Friday but we have been on vacation.

Day 3- Lessons Learned by Mom
1) Focus on one thing at a time

Day 3- Lessons Learned by Dalton
1) I actually have to read...I don't know everything

So Day 3 of homeschooling went well if you just count school.  Combine it with the fact that we were leaving the next morning for vacation and that I had 10 cake orders going out and well it got a little hectic.  Very proud of Dalton though for handling it like a pro....he worked on his own great and did fabulous on his end of the lesson assignments.  A few breaks in between cakes to go over his assessments with him was all that he needed from me.  He started in the main part of the house where kids were running rampant and powdered sugar had taken over the kitchen and dining room.  Soon he altered his course of action and barricaded himself in his bedroom to finish.  He really isn't struggling with this at all, actually he seems to be thriving both personally and academically:)  I"m doing good.... I won't lie it's hard to squeeze in when I have 500 things going on it seems but the end result makes it worth it.  He finished his lessons in around two hours and spend a good part of the afternoon helping me bake and decorate:)  For all the Mom's out there with 5th graders especially boys you know that you would give your right arm for a couple of hours with your son bounding and being silly doing something you enjoy lol, I really loved it!! I plan on making the most of this experience before I lose him in a year or so to more serious sports, gangs of teens and even girls...ugh....End of Day 3=I really think this is going well:)

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