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Thursday, April 12, 2012

W3-W&Th......Going great

Wednesday-  I feel like we have finally gotten the hang of this:)  The past few days have went so great that I keep waiting for that bump in the road.  So far we have not hit it.  Dalton is doing great, I love the fact that he has had a complete personality turn around with this experience.  I no longer have a sulky, unhappy, stressed, exhausted 10 yr old.  I have my sweet, funny, happy, carefree(well as carefree as Dalton gets) child back and I love it!!!!!  I knew school was putting a lot on him but I actually think I underestimated how much he was stressing out over it.  Today we completed 2 in Math and one in Science, except for the batch of assignments he had to redo last week due to carelessness he has scored 92 and higher on everything.  Most of his test scores both Lesson and Unit have been 100.  His spelling and handwriting have both improved so much.  I love the positive changes in him this has led to.  Very thankful that My Husband(Dalton's Step-Dad) and Dalton's Dad backed me on this and allowed us to try it.  I feel completely confident we made the best decision for Dalton.

Thursday- Today went great...we did a overload on Math getting 4 Lessons into the next Unit but we skipped over Science.  Tomorrow will be a easy day to wrap up the week followed by another post from Dalton.  Then onto a weekend crammed full of sports:)

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