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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 4-Halfway Point

This has been a very busy week but we are doing well:)  We have found a new routine that is working great...Monday and Friday we do the required 4 lessons and T, W, Th we do 6 so that we can stay ahead.  Math has become more difficult but Dalton is handling it like a pro:)  Typically I let him know when it is time to start school for the day and keep a eye on him throughout.  Yesterday I cheated and took a nap with the little ones and he took initiative to start all by himself, completed all of his assignments and scored 100 on 4 out of 6 tests.  Not the idea arrangement but I was extremely proud that not only was he able to do it by himself but he actually did.  Today is our halfway point and our sports free day of the week so I expect smooth sailing.

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