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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Curriculum for 2012-2013 Kindergarten Year

Pulling Dalton out last year for a couple of months was a easy decision and it was easy to follow through.  He was old enough for us to purchase a Internet based, workbook loaded online curriculum and do it pretty much by himself.  I helped with a few Science experiments and new Math skills but the majority of my "teaching" was grading assignments and tests. 
The decision to home school the younger three came a little harder and with a lot more consideration but it was made just the same.  Now here we are a few weeks from starting Colton's first year of home school with Kindergarten.  To say that I have over thought this would be a huge understatement:-)  I have spent two months researching every curriculum I could get my hands on, participating in free trails, etc.  My original decision to do the K12 online program similar to what Dalton enrolled in went right out the window.  I was amazed at all of the wonderful programs available and decided if I was going to commit to home school then we would get the absolute most we could out of it.  For us I felt like this meant doing a variety of different options.  I have become the type of  Mom that ten years ago I would of swore I would not be oh well what can I say kids change the way you look at things.  I mean just yesterday I downloaded 200+ pages in order to make my own customized home school planner to have my own binding done, three months ago I didn't even know you could do that!!!!  At last I have all of our final decisions.

Language (Reading, Spelling, Writing, etc)- Reading Eggs, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, Brainquest workbook, and flashcards.

Math- Brainquest, flashcards and well life.

Science- Brainquest, Flashcards, Knoxville Zoo home school Tuesdays, zoo boxes, Ripley's Aquarium home school program, and Tennessee Aquarium.

Social Studies- Little Passports, Brainquest and once again life.

Art- Artist Pursuits program

I will post links to some of the above at the end of this post.  The Knoxville Zoo has tons of opportunities and resources available on their website for home schoolers and its free.  The home school Tuesday program they offer is for members only and you pay a very small fee.  Ripley's Aquarium of Gatlinburg offers a huge discount for homeschoolers and their immediate families plus they do a program one day a month for a couple dollars extra.  Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga offers a discount for homeschoolers some different classes and a home school day.  Little Passports is my new fascination, for a small monthly fee you receive shipments about different Countries each month.  This is super neat and great for any kids homeschoolers or not.  I will sing the praises of Reading Eggs one more time and it can also be used for a supplemental program for anyone.  The Artistic Pursuits program is a little advanced and sort of pricey but I decided to splurge in this area due to Colton's extreme love of Art, it seems great and has curriculum for Preschool-Highschool.

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