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Thursday, August 16, 2012

One of Those Days.......Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!!

Today we are one day away from completing our first two weeks of Kindergarten and boy has it been interesting!!  One of the main reasons I chose to homeschool Colton was due to my concern that he wouldn't be able to focus as well in a school environment.  His attention span is pretty much non-existent at times and to say he is distracted by every little thing would be an understatement.  Still by taking frequent breathers, allowing him to move around A LOT, and humouring him when he goes off subject we manage to make pretty good progress daily.  Then we have days like today........

We started out doing a quick intro to Brazil thanks to his Little Passports shipment that arrived yesterday.  I plan on doing a more in depth study of Brazil next week but he wanted to go ahead and use his new items.  We took a half hour and did some worksheets, put the pin on the map marking Brazil, put his passport stamp in, and decorated his travel case.  Now onto Reading (his least favorite part of school because he has to sit still for so long, 20 minutes).  Our twenty minute lesson eased into a hour and a half thanks to Baw-Baw working in the yard and Abs walking over to say hi to him, all which Colton could see out the window:-)  After shutting the curtains much to Colton's relief (he said it made it easier) we finally finished!!  Now let's ease into Math, today we are learning the number 9.  Colton starts by informing me I messed up "MOOOOM this is a P!".  No it's not a P, it looks like a backwards P but a P is a letter we are doing numbers and this is a 9.  "Oh so a backwards P is a 9?"  Sure "Okay so what is a frontwards P?"  It's a P..... "But if a backwards P is a 9 then then a frontwards P has to be something else!"..................You see where this is going? Our Math lesson ended with Colton turning the paper twenty different ways to show me it was in fact a P, b, d, etc.  Okay we'll review tomorrow.... let's move onto to our Letter of the Day R.  Before we are halfway done with tracing R we have stopped once for a quick conversation about a Christmas movie where a guy wears a hat that looks like a P and is white but it really should of been red because red is a Christmas color not white.  We're three quarters of the way finished tracing R when we stop again for a not so quick conversation about howler monkeys (we studied them during our Brazil lesson this morning).  At this point I sit back, smile and listen to what he is saying while I start packing up our school stuff.  When he finishes I announce a early and long lunch break.  I mean after all this is why I did this because of his personality, so why should I spend the morning trying to stop it?  He is who he is, that includes a huge imagination, sweet personality, and complete inability to focus sometimes...I homeschool and that means I can embrace that and we will worry about 9 and R this afternoon or maybe even tomorrow:-)

Lesson for the day- I made the right decision!! 


  1. :) sounds like a perfect day to enjoy your child's unique-ness. love that you have patience. i have a little but i dont think i'd have enough to homeschool... lol how would you like to take on another little student to your classroom next year (just teasing)

    1. I do my best in the patience department but sometimes I come up short:-)