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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shark Week

What a wonderful 2nd week of school.  We all love animals here at our house and Shark Week so I thought that would be the perfect theme for our work.  Weston is absolutely obsessed with sharks so he was beyond thrilled each day!!
Colton had sort of a tough week as far as focusing went so we spent a lot of time reading books and looking at pictures of sharks.  He worked on his numbers 6-10, letters SHARK, did fun shark worksheets studying the parts of a shark and the life cycle, and worked some more on sight words.  We also did two art activities; shark jaws, and dioramas.  Since we were studying sharks it seemed like a good time to introduce information on the Oceans.  He now knows we have five and can name three.  Remember you can find instructional posts for all the art under the activities tab:-)

Weston had a busy week as well, he loved all the shark stuff, worked on the letter D and numbers 2-3.  His favorite activities of the week were the live whale shark feedings we watched via Discovery's shark cam!!

On top of our shark week and regular skills we touched just a little on Brazil.  Colton got his Little Passports shipment so we read about monkeys and amethyst since he got some pictures and rock samples with it.  Looking forward to studying up on Brazil a little bit more next week. 

I'm so proud of the boys they are both doing great!! Keaton is also having a blast with some special toddler activities during school time and Dalton is loving Middle School:-)  This was a good week at our house, hope everyone else had one too!!!

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