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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Donation Jars

To make our donation jars I combined two crafts from pinterest.  I saw a idea for a Christmas activity where you made a jar and over time collected spare change to go in it.  When Christmas comes around you donate the contents of the jar to a charity of your choosing.  I loved this idea!!! I was also fascinated by a pin that showed Elmer's glue combined with food coloring painted on glass to make a very unique finish.  We used this method for decorating our jars.
Glue and food coloring...mix it together and use like paint.  Be very careful if using water to rinse out brushes, water will change the effect of the glue.

Having fun.....

Keaton was more interested in painting the paper:-)

Finished products....since Keaton only used one color and didn't rinse his brush the run effect from the water is not on his like the other two.  I thought they turned out great!!  They boys are already busy collecting money.

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