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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Unprofessionalism of Norris Bulletin!!

The below is copy of a conversation I had on the Norris Bulletin’s Facebook page.  I’m not sure if it will remain or be deleted but there have been several more comments made since I copied this.  My original question was pertaining to a perfectly appropriate post that had been previously deleted about the annexation of the Bethel Community by Norris.  I am shocked that a local newspaper would represent this way.  Is that really who we want to rely on for our news sources?  Many more comments have since been made on their facebook page I felt the need to transfer what I could since they kept threathening to delete the thread off their Facebook page. 


Me- Was the earlier post discussing the annexation removed?  If not where is it?  If so, why does a Facebook page of a local newspaper feel the need to delete a post that is does not agree with?  Just curious.

Norris Bulletin- Yes, Alecia it was getting quite ugly, negative and filled with misinformation.  For those reasons I didn’t want to be a part of it.  If they want to discuss it-they can do it on their own accounts but there seems to be no reasoning with them at this point.

Me- It was not ugly or negative you simply did not agree with their opinions and deleting them is not a correct way to handle the news.  I think that is very inappropriate.  I’m curious are you the same person that has always handled this Facebook page for the Norris Bulletin?  I have noticed a drop in professionalism and maturity of the posts/statuses and page management.  It seems very different from what this page originally represented.

Norris Bulletin- Yes it was.  I understand the uncertainty of the people of Bethel are dealing with and I feel for them but, if they take the time to see the long range plans, instead of over- reacting and hate mongering, if they come to the hearings and discuss their concerns civilly-your views and concerns will be addressed.  I am not authorized on this-we are a newspaper that reports facts.  This is a city issue.

Norris Bulletin- You are not going to use this account for anything less than facts.  I have a responsibility to these people- we are not a tabloid newspaper.

Me- But no one said anything ugly or negative they simple did not agree with you that is my point.  And yes you are a newspaper that is supposed to report facts but you only seem interested in discussing the fact that you agree with.  No one was over reacting or hate mongering (as you call it) on the earlier post, that’s what I don’t understand.  You also did not answer my earlier question about who is in charge.  That was the reasoning behind my question it seems like the statuses and posts are more tabloid type then before.  You don’t have a responsibility to keep people from hearing the opinions of other people.  That is not the responsibility of any newspaper.

Norris Bulletin- It’s a fact that misplaced businesses bring bad eliminate to a community.  (As an example I said- a strip bar, an adult bookstore, etc….Brings crime).  That is not an opinion-visit any community where these businesses thrive and you’ll find crime-lots of it. 

Norris Bulletin- As Jack Black suggested-I would get together with your people and get a spokesperson to represent all of your concerns. (You may’ve done this). It makes perfect sense because, with each new person that gets wind of the issue-the truth is further stretched.

Me- But it is your opinion that a strip joint, or adult bookstore will be put there.  I mean I haven’t seen one yet it all these years, so obviously someone has been able to stop that from happening without the help of Norris.  “My People” do you have any idea how condescending that sounds?  I do not live in either community, my sons does attend Norris Middle School.  I was concerned with the local newspaper seeming only to want people to hear what they agree with and not hear both sides. 

Norris Bulletin- No its not-It’s my opinion that it’s best to PREVENT that.

Fellow commenter- The way you state it makes it sound like these businesses are already approved to move into Bethel instead of saying it’s possible.  Also, having a truck stop, for example, does not guarantee illicit behavior.  That is my concern, I was not being ugly.  I will be glad to attend the meeting on Monday.  I will also withhold any further comments regarding this issue on this Facebook page.

Norris Bulletin-They just put a smelly, loud, dusty rock quarry in your back yard!

Me- But there is not fact that says by allowing Bethel to remain Bethel that will not be prevented…that is my point, you are not stating facts but instead you are stating your opinion.

Me- Norris also put a liquor store on that same stretch on highway so it’s 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other….

Norris Bulletin- OK- whatever…It’s my OPINION that it’s best to keep crime out of your neighborhood,

Norris Bulletin- It’s my OPINION that most people would prefer 61 to remain beautiful.

Me- “Whatever”- that proves my point about the maturity of the person now in charge of this page.  You are a news source you should act like one.

Norris Bulletin- If you don’t like this page-move along.

Fellow Commenter- Alecia Parrott Jackson my guess is “A LOT” of people will “move on” after the way this person is acting.  ALL of the people have a right to have their OWN opinions, not just the Norris Bulletin.  My opinion is, if you don’t want people commenting on your articles, then you should “move on” and not post such articles…just saying!!!

Norris Bulletin- You folks are venting on me (the wrong person).  I did not play one single part in the annexation or rezoning.  I report the facts, that includes all of you concerns and statements, which I have done and will do again.  My stance is that people should keep their minds and hearts open to the long-term goals, which (and it’s my opinion) I believe will benefit us all.

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