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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shaving Cream/Paint Leaves

To go along with our tree, leaf and seed unit study we are doing the next couple of weeks we did a neat leaf craft today:-)
Start out with some leaf cut-outs on thick paper, craft or acrylic paint and shaving cream.

After you drizzle the paint over the shaving cream and swirl it around a little you get to drag the leaves through the mixture.

It gets a little messy so I decided to lay down wax paper.

After the project is finished the mixture makes for fun fingerpainting.  This is about where Dad started having his coronary.

In the end he decided to join in on the fun:-)

Finished leaves....Colton's are the top row and Weston's are the bottom.
We loved this technique and will be using it often in the future. It was so much fun and super neat!!!

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