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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready to Welcome 2013!!

Okay so I won't lie we didn't accomplish a lot at the end of December, we focused the majority of our time on family activities for the Holidays:-)  So I guess maybe we did in fact accomplish a lot, it's all in perspective.  Today was our first day back to school.  We started our Unit Study on Pocket Moms/Marsupials, they boys are really excited about the next couple of weeks.  One part of our Unit study is the interactive online Unit from Simple Schooling.  We are of course using the one on Pocket Moms but there are tons of different ones for all ages, check out their website it's worth it!!  There is a fee for their interactive units plus they have tons of printable units available on currclick that tie everything together.  I have used their printable stuff often but just recently became familiar with their online units via some freebies, we will be purchasing a subscription for the year. 

We started out our morning with a sensory activity.  Dollar store floam and pony beads keep everyone so busy and happy they don't even realize it's work:-)

Most of our sensory work is for the benefit of our blond Kindergartner here but the others love to participate and it definitely doesn't hurt to work on everyone's motor skills.

Keaton was a little less then impressed:-)
They rest of today continued with the Kangaroo part of our marsupial studies.  We worked some online, did some Math in the printable unit study available on currclick and some coloring sheets from Enchanted Learning.  We wrapped up the day with library books and our Kangaroo Dot art make sure you check out our previous post for details on it
All in all the last day of 2012 was pretty successful.  I can't wait to spend a evening at home ringing in 2013 with all my guys!!!
Happy New Year!!!

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