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Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today was MLK Jr. Day so we did a short lesson on that.  Since my oldest is in public school he was home with us today and got to participate in our daily lessons:-) 
We started out by having a quick talk on exactly how Martin Luther King Jr. was and what he did, the little ones couldn't really absorb all the information so we kept it simple.  Recently I came across a poem that I loved and seen where some others had used it as a lesson for this day.  I handed out our copies of the printable crayon template and read to the boys The Crayon Box that Talked poem.  After we finished reading we talked about what they thought about the poem.  They picked right up on the crayons being mean to the other crayons because they were a different color and then we had a long conversation about people being different colors.  The best revelation of the day came from our preschooler, Weston, while I was explaining to them that we all had the same color of skin but not everyone did he interrupted me to say I was wrong.  He quickly informed me "Mom, we don't all have the same color!!  Mine and Colton's is a different color, mine and yours is a different color and so is mine and Dalton's.  So if we made fun of people with different color skin we would have to make fun of each other!!"  There's a look at things from the perspective of a four year old:-)  To wrap up this part of the lesson, the boys colored a crayon anyway they wanted it and then compared them to see if anyone's crayon was better just because it was a different color.
For our next part we used some Martin Luther King Day printables from Homeschooling Mama.  I found several free printables over the last few days but these were my favorite plus she provides two different grade level options.  Preschool which is called a tater tot pack and a K-3rd pack.

Here's Dalton's work for they day, he made his crayon of course.  But also did a coloring activity, a word find and some research on Martin Luther King Jr.  After he completed his work and answered the questions he gave a presentation to the younger ones and told them some facts.  We wrote on the board his birthday, date of death, how he died, quotes and what he won the Novel Peace Prize for. 
This is Colton's work for the day; his dot art, coloring activity and his crayon.  Yes I know the next two pictures are upside down but apparently that's they way they were meant to be, I can not fix them for some reason;-) 
All three of my older boys working hard together:-)
Our last activity of the day was supposed to be making cookies that were different colors but it was really pretty outside so we opted for that instead;-) 

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