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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Left-Handed Blog Planner......Review

Planning ahead is a rough area for me.  I always have the best of intentions but either I way over plan to the point of driving myself and everyone around me insane or I under plan to the point of causing a small disaster ;-)  I love blogging and post often but typically I don’t “plan” my posts.  They just kind of appear from the land of my extremely chaotic thought process.  When I was given the chance to review a blog planner by the Mosaic Review team I was pretty excited…..anything that has the potential to help my day to day go a little smoother is always welcome. 
One thing about me that many probably don’t know is that I am left-handed.  I love being left-handed for the most part even when certain people jokingly label it “wrong-handed”.  But if you are a fellow left-hander you know that there are some minor (although at times they seem major) inconveniences that come along with being this wonderful.  Sometimes things just aren’t made for us lefties; school desks, spiral notebooks, markers, dry erase boards, chalk boards, oh and my personal enemy scissors!!  Yes they do make left-handed scissors but I never feel like they cut as well so I prefer to suffer through with right-handed ones.  Imagine my excitement when I found a FREE printable LEFT-HANDED blog planner by Infarrantly Creative!!! 
Yes you read correctly this planner has been designed by a fellow lefty especially for us!!!  It prints out in a way that makes it perfect for me once it has been bound or in my case put into a 3-ring binder.   I love being able to jot down ideas without turning my wrist to avoid discomfort.  Her system works great for me, I don’t usually do a daily blog post so her layout of three blog posts per week is perfect.
Make sure you check out this great planner.  Not only does Infarrantly Creative give the left-handed blogger a great tool for success with this product but they give it to us with a variety of available designs and completely for FREE!!!
Don't be discouraged if you just happen to be right-handed.....the layout of this blog planner is so amazing it will work for anyone!!!


  1. Great review!! and,yes it is great for us lefties!!

  2. Oh this is so cool that it's a planner for lefties. I didn't even realize that it could be a challenge if you were right handed. Really great review.

  3. Great Review. I didn't notice when I went through the list that it was good for lefties.