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Monday, November 18, 2013

Preschool Corner

 My youngest is three and we do lots of neat preschool activities during our homeschool time.  I also babysit my niece (who is three) and my little B (also three).  We do lots of coloring, painting and tracing on a day to day basis.  But since at three years old their attention spans aren't that great I wanted to do a lot of hands on learning. So onto Pinterest I went (click on the link to follow my homeschool board) where I found lots of neat little ideas. 
Above is one of my favorite I took a $1 cookie sheet and wrote the alphabet on it with sharpies.  Then I had a very talented friend of mine make me matching alphabet magnets (she makes all magnets special order and they are all beautiful).  The kids love matching the magnets to the written letters, we have one for Capital/Uppercase letters and one for Lowercase. 
The above activity is great for motor skills also.  I took a mini muffin tin and some pom-poms from the craft section.  The kiddos use tweezers to put them into the muffin slots.  Sometimes we do one per indention and sometimes I have them group the colors. 
This is great for learning color recognition.  I simply covered toilet paper rolls in construction paper and the kids sort the matching Popsicle sticks into the appropriate tube. 
Our newest activity is shape sorting.  I cut out various shapes from colored foam.  I taped shapes on the front of gallon Ziploc bags and they have to sort the shapes into the correct bag.  They like this one.

One of their favorite daily activities is to play with Thinking Putty.  It is a little pricey but we bought ours a year ago and have played with it for hours per day pretty much each day and it is still just like new!! We all love it; kids, adults, teenagers.  The preschoolers will sit at the kitchen table and play for up to 3 hours, it has saved my sanity more then once!!

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