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Friday, January 9, 2015

Bush's Baked Beans Museum- Tag Families Knoxville

Today Tag Families- Knoxville visited Bush's Baked Beans Museum and Visitor Center.  It took us about 45 minutes to get there and it was well worth the drive.  I won't lie I totally agreed to this field trip for the kids and even my Husband (he loves beans lol) but I ended up finding the whole experience pretty awesome.  It is located in right smack in the middle of nowhere in Chestnut Hill, TN.  You are driving down a super curvy road enjoy the views of Douglas Lake and driving over skinny bridges and then suddenly you come across a hill and there it is.  The plant is huge and right across the street is the Museum.  I had no idea beans were such a big deal. 

The original Bush family home is still standing proudly right in front of the plant.  You'll notice how pristine the grounds are....this company obviously takes pride in their surroundings. 

The museum was great hands on place for kids, teens and adults;-)  You watch a short film starring Duke of course that explains the production part of Bush's Beans, you can get your weight in beans (our littles all ranged between 31,000 and 49,000, and the kids can explore lots of neat exhibits.

After your adventure you can stop in at their cafe for a yummy bean snack.  We didn't have lunch there but Hubs just had to try the pinto bean pecan pie.  It wasn't half bad...the most shocking was that these three little stinkers below absolutely loved it!!  Two of the five wouldn't even touch it;-) 

At the end of our visit we walked away with the SECRET FAMILY RECIPE....Just kidding!!! We tried.... but it is under lock, key and laser!!!

I epically failed in the photo taking department today so credit for the awesome photos goes to Tana, one of our teen members!!:-)  She did great!!

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