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Friday, March 27, 2015

Fat and Sassy with Number 5.....This Should be Interesting;-)

So recently my Husband and I announced to our friends and family that we were expecting AGAIN.  This makes kiddo number 5 for our family (so far they are all boys).  We live in Heiskell, TN so everyone who hasn't called us The Duggars has asked if we were trying to be like our famous local family The Bates.  If you know me you know I don't really strive to be like anyone and neither does my Husband or any of our kids for that matter;-)  We pride ourselves on being ourselves....even when we probably shouldn't.  So anyways to answer that question we aren't trying to keep up with the Jones or in this case the Bates or the Duggars....we are just trying to keep up with ourselves.

I have always been pretty comfortable with my pregnant body.  I have never gained more then 25 lbs with any of my pregnancies.  I have a strong feeling (especially since I ate an entire medium size pizza, minus one slice, by myself tonight)....that I'm not going to be able to keep that trend going with number 5.  With all my other pregnancies I made it 4 and 5 months before showing.  This time.....well just look at the picture below.....this is me now at what the doctors are saying is 9-11 weeks!!!!!!!
Something tells me I will be surpassing my 25 lbs.  I wasn't skinny to start with this time around...I weighed more at the start of this pregnancy then I did at the end of any of the other ones.  I'm not gonna stress about it.....I'm not lazy I am on the go with my kiddos most of the week and when I'm not on the go I have a slew of kids and people at my house.  Although I do enjoy my recliner time in the evenings;-)  I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy...this is the first one that I haven't felt like dirt for the majority of the 9 months and I plan on making the most of it.  I am also enjoying eating...I am starving pretty much all day.....I mean it is kind of ridiculous so hopefully that will ease off as we progress.

So basically this blog post is just to catch everyone up on where we are in life.  Yes we have a big family, bigger then I EVER thought I would have but I love it.  And yes I'm fat (pregnant sure) but still fat is a descriptive word you can use and I am okay with it;-)  We are doing this our way and if you aren't one of us I will listen to your opinions politely as long as you are polite but honestly I'm probably not going to pay them much mind.  If I had ever listened to the opinions of others my life would not be what it is today and I happen to be pretty flipping happy:-)  Stay tuned for more Baby number 5 updates...oh and if anyone has any suggestions on names that end in "ton" please feel free to share!!!!;- ) Those I will listen to......


  1. Elton, Livingston, Paddington, Easton, Reddington, Kingston, Lewiston, .... you're welcome. :-)

  2. Oh yeah, Carrington