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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters 2016!!!!

Awhile ago I started a series called Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters.  This year I will be picking up where where left off!!  We spent a lot of our Summer at home and when we aren't by the pool the kiddos get bored quick.  Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters are interesting ways to keep little (and not so little) minds busy during the hottest days of the year:-)  Below I am going to list the ones we have so far...stay tuned for the upcoming brand new ones!!!

Boredom Blaster 1- Trampoline and Sidewalk Chalk This was a huge hit and easy to clean up!!:-)
Boredom Blaster 2- Paint-filled eggshells
Boredom Blaster 3- Condensed Milk PaintingThis was a fan favorite...I even enjoyed it!!!
Boredom Blaster 4- 3D HandThis is a little complicated...great activity for older kiddos and teens!!
Boredom Blaster 5- Exploding CokeThis activity doesn't take long but the climax is worth it!!!:-)

Boredom Blaster 6- Bouncy Egg Experiment
Boredom Blaster 7- Painted Rocks and Twigs
Boredom Blaster 8- Mini ExplosionsThis was a huge hit, it actually kept the kiddos entertained way longer then I expected!!!

Don't forget to check back soon for all new Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters!!!

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