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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Super List of 10 Sensory Ideas

Sensory skills are a big part of our homeschool experience.  We have came a long way in three years but we still benefit from the sensory activities that the kiddos love so much.

Activity 1- Cloud Paint- this is one of our all time favorite activities, it was also one of the very first messy, sensory activities we did in homeschooling. The awesome texture of this paint made from Elmer's school glue and shaving cream is just tons of fun!!!
Activity 2- Pumpkin Pie Play-Doh- this is a a great activity.  We tend to make this particular scented play-doh in the Fall but it will make your house smell wonderful all year long!!!
Activity 3- Erupting Pumpkins- Here is another Fall activity.  We do this one each year and the kids love it!! It is a bit messy so if possible I would do it outside, and the smaller pumpkins work better!!

Activity 4- Shaving Paint Leaves- you can do this activity with any shapes and any colors.  We did it in the Fall so we chose leaves. This activity is another messy one but it is so neat!!
Activity 5- Peppermint Play-Doh- Love this scented play-doh...perfect for Christmas!!!
Activity 6- Cookie Cutter Salt Dough Ornaments- This is a two day activity... Day 1 you mix, roll, cut out and bake the ornaments.  Day 2 you can paint them:-)  We do these every year also.  Granted the kids get distracted from the Christmas theme sometimes but that is okay.
Activity 7- Kangaroo Dot Painting- This is a great way to work those little fingers and to teach patient.  Q-tip painting is a great OT activity.  We did these for a marsupial unit study we were working on.
Activity 8- Ponybead Suncatchers- these are beautiful but tedious work for little hands.
Activity 9- Shapes and Art- This activity covers so many areas.  Art, Sensory, Fine Motor, Shape Review and of course FUN.  There are endless options of things you can create in this activity.
Activity 10- IceCream Dough and Rainbow Sprinkles- We love, love, love this activity.  It is so fun and it smells so good.  You can also make strawberry and chocolate icecream dough.

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