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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Welcoming Baby Boy #5

Welcoming a baby is always a joyous occasion.  I have been blessed enough to welcome four with absolutely no issues or complications.  My grandmother has been saying for years that I am pushing my luck and I guess baby #5 decided to prove her right.  You would think that by the time baby #5 came around you would have a tried and true system; I certainly thought  I did.  But that baby had other plans, he decided to make his entrance in a way that would keep us all on our toes from the get go.  I was lucky (I use this term loosely) to be unconscious for the scariest part of the experience so I guess I need to say kudos to my Husband, family and friends:-)

On the morning of October 6th I awoke to what I thought was my water was something much worse.  When we arrived at the hospital I learned that I had previa (something I had never heard of) and unfortunately my placenta had completely separated and started to deliver before the baby.  The good note they were able to find the baby's heartbeat and it was fairly strong at 144 so with a deep breath of relief I listened as my doctor went over the next steps.  It sounded simple enough... the baby and I were both doing fine so we were going to quickly do a C-section and welcome him into the World.  Right about the time she started explaining that they would go get my Husband, prep me, get my epidural, etc. everyone's facial expressions changed.  It wasn't a good change and I knew it.  Everyone started moving faster, I was told there was no time for my husband to join us, no time for an epidural, etc.  I was about to be put under and the baby taken before his heart rate dropped any further (it had plummeted into the 40s).  The last thing I remember is the sleepy juice doctor in the operating room telling me I was going to sleep.

I woke up around an hour later in recovery with my Husband and my Mom.  I now know that our beautiful baby boy was born minutes after I was asleep and was a tiny 5lbs 11 oz.  They told my Husband he was okay but might have to go to Children's but that they were still working on me since  I had lost so much blood.  Around 1:00 I finally got to see the baby (who had beaten the odds and after the first hour had absolutely 0 problems)!!:-)  He was a trooper and beautiful.  We settled into a room later that evening and got to come home at the end of the week.  It was a long week.  I don't think I have ever been so miserable as far as how I felt physically.  Between the emergency C-section, tubal, and huge blood loss ( I think this was responsible for most of the misery) I was barely moving and not impressed.  I was used to easy, quick deliveries and going home the day after baby's birth.  Now over a week after coming home I am finally starting to feel halfway normal again.

In the end I am very thankful everything turned out  the way it did and I am well aware it could of been much worse.  I am still recovering from the blood loss and have to be very careful for a couple of more weeks but the baby is doing wonderful!!  We are so happy to welcome Axton to this World!!:-)


  1. He's perfect and I love reading about your all's crazy wonderful life!

  2. He's perfect and I love reading about your all's crazy wonderful life!