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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DIY Fall Window Clings

I saw this really cool activity circulating via Pinterest.  It was how to make your own window clings with puffy paint.  I thought it looked really fun but I didn't really expect them to work.  Nonetheless I bought some puffy paint and wax paper then printed out templates for the kids to use as patterns.  I figured in the end they would have fun and that is really all that matters:-)  I of course did a couple first to see how easy/hard it was before turning over the activity to the kiddos.

They look pretty cool and much to my surprise once they dried I easily peeled them off of the wax paper and they ACTUALLY stuck so here is how we made them.

1. I taped down printable pictures for the kids to use as patterns
2. I placed wax paper over the patterns and taped it down (the tape isn't required but it sure helps small hands)
3. We used puffy paint to trace over the patterns
4. Wait for them to dry COMPLETELY then peel them off of the wax paper and stick them on the window

Super EASY and FUN...we can't wait to make Christmas ones:-)

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