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Friday, January 1, 2016

1st Day of the Year Hike...2016!!

This is our 2nd year doing this hike and I am happy it is becoming one of our traditions!! It was a little chilly today but we bundled up and went anyways.  I even drug the teenagers along and they ended up enjoying themselves also.  I love that my little love being outside and I love that thanks to countless days fly fishing by the river with his Dad my oldest is like a walking Science lesson.  He gave the boys way more information about the surrounding area, water temp, fish, etc then I would of been able to.  In the end we explored a few areas but all of them are in or adjacent to Norris Dam State Park!!:-)  Enjoy the pictures and be sure to join us next year!!! 

And feel free to look back at our 2015 1st Day of the Year Hike

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