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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yes I LIKE being a Mother

I get asked fairly often how I do what I do and sometimes people(namely my loving family) even ask why;-) I read a post earlier today called “I don't like being a Mother”. I assumed it would be one of those tongue in cheek posts listing all the daily downfalls of motherhood in a loving way and then ending with a heartfelt but I wouldn't change it for the World. Instead what I read was a post that made me extremely sad...especially as a Mother. I am not going to link to the post because I feel like this person doesn't need more negative feedback then what they were already getting in the comments. The poster was very clear; she loves her children and they are very well taken care of so no worries there but she loved her life more before children. She says she enjoyed life more, liked the person she was better, etc. I realize motherhood isn't for everyone so I am not going to say she is crazy or suggest that maybe she is doing it wrong or anything like that. But her post encouraged me to write this one explaining exactly why I “do it''.

Simply put I do like being a mother in fact I love it. Yes my kids and life are exhausting and somedays my husband and I resemble zombies more then we do humans but our kids are wonderful!!! Being a mother is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. It is a messy, crazy and sometimes thankless job but... Nothing makes my day better quicker then a sweet hug, kiss, snuggle or I love you from one of my wonderful boys!! There is just something about being a mother that completes me. My guys as I call them (including my Husband) make me a better person. They make me try harder, think harder, work harder, and most of all love harder then anything else in my life. In addition to being their Mom I am also their teacher (we homeschool). Let me let you in on a secret if someone tells you homeschooling is easy then they probably aren't doing it correctly. Homeschooling is not easy but it is wonderful and rewarding and I love it!! My Husband is also extremely supportive and helpful in our homeschooling life and just our life in general. This makes all the difference in the World!!! Recently I decided to start working a few hours a week teaching art classes and working at a local kids play center Imagination Forest Parties and Play Center. It is a delightful place ran by a super sweet lady and friend (come see us if you are local, we have a blast at our fun birthday parties). People acted like I was insane for taking this on but I am having a blast doing it and I am contributing towards financially providing for our family. Please understand that when I stayed at home full time I was providing for my families in other ways and my Husband has never once made me feel like I needed to help provide financially. But this was a no brainer; a job I love that comes complete with a paycheck. It makes ME feel better on a day to day basis. I also head a monthly homeschool co-op and field trip group with the help of many extraordinary homeschool Moms. I do this to give our kids opportunities that sometimes homeschoolers miss out on. AND I love it!!! Even when my days, weeks, months and years are crazy and exhausting I still LOVE it!! That is why I do it. Being a mother is who I am, the other stuff is just extra and I am 100% OK with that. Some people might have something else that defines them and being a mother is the little something extra for them and that is okay. You do not have to let being a mother consume your life or you may welcome the consumption. Either way I hope everyone reading this has found someway to like or better yet love being a mother. I hate to think of anyone not enjoying their children as much as I enjoy mine.

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