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Friday, March 18, 2016

Popcorn for Breakfast?? Sure it is Friday!!!

I haven't posted in awhile.  Why ?? Well because my days are incredibly busy!!! But I wanted to give an update on how everyone is doing, growing, etc.  It is Friday and we are celebrating by having a lazy morning.  I slept (well I laid in bed) in until 8a.m. this morning!! Now my kiddos are eating popcorn and fruit snacks for breakfast!! They are also watching cartoons.  Not one of my best parenting moments but hey it is FRIDAY!! And I didn't let them watch tv for the first hour they were awake, they spent that time building a rather impressive fort in their baby brother's nursery.  This is the day where I am just thankful we survived the week.  It was a rather unproductive week as far as school goes.  We worked on the important stuff like reading and math but science and social studies took a back seat to the beautiful weather.  They just have spring fever...and so do I!!! Next week we are taking the week off for Spring Break...I am not sure who is more excited the children or the parents;-) 

Here are my wins for the week;

1.  I managed to talk the teenager into getting a hair cut!! Yes I know it is his hair and we should encourage individuality, etc. but I think that rule can be overlooked when individuality means your child looks like a member of a grunge band.  The new hair cut looks so much better!!!

2.  All three of the boys successfully read their new readers for the week!! Reading is a struggle in our house.  They love books and love being read to but as boys they are not fond of learning to read.  I think it requires too much effort.

3.  The baby is successfully rolling, try to sit up, getting in the crawling position, etc.  Milestones like these are the ultimate baby goals even if they do make Mom cry.

4.  The dogs both got bathed and so did their beds.

5.  I actually performed some wifely duties (no I am not about to share our personal life, get out of the gutter please).  I cooked supper a whole 3 nights this week!! Ever since I started working part time my cooking has pretty much been nonexistent.  I also managed to completely clean two whole rooms in my house.  They were picked up, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, the whole shebang!! I HATE cleaning!! 

Tell me about your week!! How have you survived till Friday and what are your wins for the week??  I think it is important to acknowledge our accomplishments because sometimes it is way too easy to focus on what we didn't accomplish. 

My beautiful boys!!! Eating their popcorn and showing off a new haircut (well one is).  Love everyone happy and smiling in these pics!!!

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