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Monday, June 20, 2016

Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters...Activity 10 Walking Water

It is the 1st day of Summer!!! My kids are so excited and we are starting back up our slightly unusual summer boredom blasters!!  This activity is called Walking Water.  The kids were fascinated by it and it can be done free or cheap depending on what supplies you have around your house.

Materials Needed-

Clear cups, glasses, etc.  3 per person
Paper towels
Food coloring

You are going to line the cups up and fill the two on the outside half way full of water.  Then add your food coloring.  Next take a half of a paper towel and fold it loosely like a fan. Put one end of the paper towel in one cup with the water and the other end in the middle empty cup.  Repeat with another paper towel in the other cup with water.  Last, you wait and watch.  The water will start walking and soon fill up the middle cup!! If you want to use two colors of water then when they meet in the middle they will make a new color!! My kids watched this process for two days!!  It is so fun:-)

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