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Friday, April 27, 2012

Clarification of yesterday's post

So in my rambling yesterday it might of seemed like my frustration was with the teachers who are responsible for creating the school supply lists.  It is not at all  I completely understand that if we as parent's don't purchase these things the teachers have to out of pocket and they should not.  I have no doubt that they do require all of the things they ask for in order to teach what they are required.  My frustration lays in the fact that they are required to teach that amount of material to begin with.  It's not the teachers or the schools they all have standards to meet and jobs to do.  Jobs that personally I would never be able to do so kudos to the teachers who do. It would be the whole outlook of society towards our children and not necessarily just in schools but the education aspect was what  I was focused on yesterday.  Each year the expectations of the students and teachers gets raised up another level(or several levels).  It just seems like a little much for everyone especially our children.  I know we all want the best for them and education is important.  I personally want my children to know that they can do whatever they want to in life and I want them to have the education to make that possible.  I just think society is forgetting that they are just children and if we continue to throw work at Kindergartners that was 1st and 2nd grade level a couple of years ago and throw at 5th graders work that was high school grade level 5 years ago then when do we reach a stopping point?  I know overseas in certain areas the education is much more extreme for kids but it always has been.  And other countries do a lot of things pertaining to child raising that we would never use here.  While homeschooling Dalton I have got to watch the stress of school leave him and a different personality emerge.  I never realized exactly how much he was under until I removed him from the situation.  It has sort of shocked me, that we as a society are putting that much stress on young kids.  Will they not have plenty of time to be stressed out when they become adults?  Do we really need to be doing it to them now?   I realize my wording was poor yesterday so I wanted to clarify exactly where my frustrations are coming from:-)

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