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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 2- Day 5

Today was a improvement over yesterday but still a hard day.....Dalton had to redo every assignment and assessment due to not checking over his multiplication facts and addition.  Plus side is that hopefully today will have broke him from carelessness for at least a little while:-)  After everything was redone his work was excellent and I even managed to get him to write a paragraph about his take on home school, even it was a brief paragraph.  I started a new way of going about preparing for the next day and it worked better for both of us.  I always read through the lessons, gather any materials for experiments, and print out any worksheets the night before.  Last night  I took it a step further and got each lesson divided out along with a written assignment sheet of all textbook work.  It goes through all this in the online lessons but this seemed like a better way for both of us to keep track of everything.  It helped tremendously.  As each day passes I come up with some little something that makes the home school experience more beneficial to him although I might add so far each little something has meant more effort from me.  Now that we have had two rough days of getting back in the swing of things I am hoping the rest of the week goes much smoother. 

Mom's Lesson Learned
1- The more I prepare the better I am able to help him

Dalton's Lesson Learned
1- Working quickly and incorrectly will take more time in the end

On a side note the little ones have all been pretty cooperative today which made things easier on me:-)

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