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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 2- Day 6..We completed a UNIT!!

So we have reached the half-way point for this week...thank goodness!! Here's a quick run down of my morning..kiddos everywhere, one messing in everything, one eating everything, two fighting non stop all the time.  Then feed and catch the dog who had got loose, feed our two ever frisky bunnies and clean out both of their cages, clean the kitchen, clean the dining room, laundry and oh look it's time to start school.  Of course in the ten minutes it took to begin school it already looks like I haven't touched the kitchen or the dining room.

Today was another heavy day mainly because we have finished our 1st 11 lessons in Math completing the 1st Unit, this means we had a huge review and test today.  We started out a little rough because the review was long and Dalton didn't want to be bothered but after a short but loud discussion he decided it was really no big deal;-)  The discussion consisted of Dalton "Mom what's the point of estimating?" Me "So that you can kind of guess and get a general idea of totals without having to do exact Math." Dalton "Why do I have to do that?" Me " Because that's what the directions say?" Dalton "When will I ever use this?" Me "Honestly since the chance of you ever not having some form of calculator is pretty slim probably about the same time you are going to use that long division you love so much, just do the problem PLEASE!!!"  I mean if this child doesn't want to do something he asks more question then a district attorney trying to prove someone guilty it's crazy!!  The good news is he made a 96 on the test!!! Huge deal!!! He then proceeded to complete 2 more Math lessons and 3 Science lessons making 100's on all of his end of lesson assessments. We were both very glad today turned the week around for us.  He is now ecstatic because we are into long division which he already knows and thinks is ridiculously easy.  Love that on days when things go smoothly we are getting in 2-3 extra lessons per day then the required 4, makes up for those days when the 4 lessons seem like they will never be done.

My Lesson for the Day- I have to figure out a way to contain the chaos that is my house while we are doing his school work.....hopefully my lesson for tomorrow will be what that way is.....

Dalton's Lesson- Don't really think he learned one today unless it was that I could scream louder then him.....

Today cemented my decision that I am doing the right if I can just situate the rest of my day to day life as well as I have his school....Suggestions welcome on quiet entertainment for 2 one yr olds, a 3 yr old, and a 4 yr old...

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