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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back on Track

Dalton has finished with his four days worth of TCAPS so now it's back to our regular schedule. I have to admit I sort of enjoyed our little break and he enjoyed getting to see his friends for a few days. He feels very confident about his performance on TCAPS and I hope he is correct in that feeling. We have about a month left to complete his lessons for his current supbjects then we can move on. Next week Dalton, Colton and I will be attending a Field Day event with a local homeschool group. We are all very excited to meet new people and have some fun. On the 15th we will be attending a imformative meeting for Dalton's entrance into Middle School. This will be a very busy month wrapping up the school year and starting off a wonderful, exciting Summer!!

I have spent the past two days completely submerging myself in ideas, classes, teaching aides, etc for Colton's upcoming year. The more I research the more excited and confident I become. The decision to begin homeschooling Dalton did not come lightly but we entered into it knowing it was a temporary arrangement and would only last a couple of months. Because of this and it being the end of the year there wasn't a lot of oppurtunity to participate in outside activities or classes. It also prevented me from getting completely involved in much more then the required online courses he is completing. I mean realistically I am just reviewing the majority of the material with him before Middle School, his teachers at his Elementary School did most of the hard work already. Since Colton's homeschool education will be full-time and last through Elementary school I am much more obligated to step it up. He will only learn what I teach him and I am determind for that to be everything he needs and more. I have found tons of teaching aids online and was thrilled to discover all of the activities locally that he can participate in with other homeschoolers. Knoxville Zoo offers a weekly class, AMSE offers monthly classes, Ripley's Aquarium offers monthly classes, Ijams, etc. The oppurtunities are huge and will be such a wonderful experience for him. I am looking forward to Fall!!

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