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Friday, May 4, 2012

Love Fridays!!!

The week is over..........and I am extremely happy about that!!  This has been one of the longest weeks we've had in our household.  The kids have been cranky and tired, the weather has been HOT(nice but still adjusting), my Husband and I have both been exhausted for some reason and well you get the point. 

Dalton and I finished up the week of homeschooling successfully although we have definitely done the  minimum amount of work possible the last three days.  We had a off week from baseball and even played hooky from soccer once.  The little ones have played outside and swam some which mainly consisted of fit pitching and whining because the wind was blowing too hard, it was too hot, water was too cold, Puppy (a ten pound beagle, who my children seem to think is actually a rabid coyote) was loose, etc. This meant we spent the majority of the week inside where they have destroyed my house and fought with each other constantly, leading to time-outs and endless frustration on my end.  Typically the chaos that surrounds our household daily does not effect me.  I have four stubborn, loud, energetic boys and during the week they are joined by a slightly less stubborn and loud boy so if chaos effected me we would all be in trouble.  But this week I just can't seem to get a handle on things.  I will be using this weekend as a refresher so that come Monday we can go back to our smooth coexistence (I hope). 

A few cake and candy orders going out this weekend which I am thankful for but really I'm wondering if anyone will notice if I buy them  already made from Walmart and change the packaging?;-) 

Positive notes.....My incredible Husband fixed my dishwasher that has been out of commission for weeks and it only cost $10(I despise doing dishes and I have to do dishes for seven people).  He also treated me to a early Mother's Day present of a Kindle which I have wanted forever but would not splurge on, thank you Walmart for offering a great deal!!  We transferred the seeds (that are now plants) the kids prepared a few weeks ago into the garden, love fresh vegetables.  The pool is open and although the kids have not been overly joyed about that this week I know soon they will be.  The pool is my saving grace in the summer a way to let the kids play (while confined to one area) leading them to exhaustion so  I can enjoy sunbathing followed by a quiet house while they all succumb to sleep.

Next weeks' plan consists of getting back to sports four days a week, getting back to homeschooling the correct way, a new reading program for Colton, fun preschool activities for the little ones, cakes galore, and of course the POOL!!  I am very excited about Colton's reading program after researching a way to work with him in the Fall I found a book called "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons".  It has great reviews and results according to all the information I have found.  His love for reading is huge so we decided to go ahead and start the program with him.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!

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