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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funk and Humpdays......

So we definitely got back into the full swing this week and things are going great but for some reason a funk has settled over our house.  We just can't seem to shake it. Maybe it's just a "burn-out" phase, or maybe it is just the dreary weather that has surrounded us this week but I hope we all snap out of it soon.  I have gotten so desperate I even CLEANED!! For those of you that know me you realize how drastic that is;-) 

Regardless Dalton has been doing fabulous in his lessons and the smaller kiddos are much less fussy this week for which I am very thankful.  We were scheduled to attend an Astronomy class at the Zoo yesterday but it was rescheduled due to weather.  Thursday we have Field Day and next week we have a night safari at the Zoo.  Looking forward to those activities.  Colton and Weston have been working hard on their "pre-school" skills cutting being the most recent.  I'm not sure what I was most dismayed about...1) Weston taking the scissors and trimming the tops off of the vegetable and herb seeds we had planted and grew for the garden, 2) The several holes the two of them managed to cut into brand new shirts (then patch with tape), or my favorite 3) Weston's lovely new haircut that he gave himself.  The end result....all the scissors in the house are hidden so well even those of us who can use them correctly are unable to locate them. 

Mother's Day cake orders going out this weekend and sports galore!! Thankfully this weekend wraps up soccer for both boys which I am a little relieved about, we just have too much going on.  Looking forward to a peaceful second half of the week and hopefully a little less funk!!

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