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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still going....

We survived last week and ended it with a nice afternoon spent at a park participating in a homeschool get together/field day.  I took Colton and Dalton with me so that Colton could meet some of the kids and they both had a blast.

Yesterday I caught up with all of the grading I had been ignoring....I am finally back where I need to be.  Today we are heading to park for lunch and fun with my Sister and adorable niece Abigail.  Tonight David and I are taking Dalton to a meeting at the Middle School where he will be enrolled next year, this makes me a little sad.  I know he wants the adventure of Middle School and I hope he thrives but I kind of like having him here especially with this new "nice" personality homeschool has brought him:-)

I expect this week to be a fairly easy one, sports are winding down and so is school so we are all looking forward to a little break.

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