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Monday, May 21, 2012

Little fingers, big conversations and lots of everything else.....

I love the homeschool stereotypes...don't get me wrong I was and sort of still am guilty of it and so I'm not insulted it's just funny to me:)  1.  I love when someone tells me I don't "look" like a homeschool Mom, since I think they expect me to be wearing homemade skirts, no make-up, carrying a bible, eating only food I have grown myself then I choose to take this statement as a compliment.  2.  The question "Oh is the school you are zoned for not a good one?"  Actually yes the school we are zoned for is fabulous and so are the teachers and staff that work there, I just felt like homeschooling was more beneficial for my boys after seeing the way it works for us.  If for some reason my situation changes and I am unable to stay home with them I would not hesitate to put them back in the school we are zoned for even though  I would miss sharing this experience with them:-)  3.  What religion are you?  Just because I have decided to homeschool does not mean I am teaching a religious based curriculum.  4.  This is my favorite and one I just heard over the weekend..."Do you like your kids enough for that? I'm not sure I do mine."  I love this!! Honestly there are some days I'm not sure but in the end yes I do like my kids and I love the extra time with them.  That's not to say I haven't had a couple of days where I would of paid unlimited amounts of money to get them out of my house on occasion!!

Extremely busy weekend!! Friday night Dalton went to his first "Middle School" Dance.  Saturday we had a small accident involving Abs and Keaton (that's right the terrible twosome strikes again), Abs gave Keaton a push in his car right down the hill and into a barb wire fence.  All things considered we were very lucky a cut up finger, some scratches on his arm and chest, and two very upset and pitiful kiddos were the only results.  Very glad that the are both okay:-)  Sunday David and I took the younger boys for a hike at Ijams where he spent the entire walk talking to them about the trees and animals, we went sort of early so it was cool enough to be comfortable and the scenery was beautiful.  Ended the weekend with a swim and cookout with all my guys!!

Today we have to get back to it.....Dalton has loads of Math to do so he can finish up, Colton is on Lesson 4 of reading and doing great, several cakes, the last of baseball season and family pictures(one of my favorite things, of course the boys all hate it lol)!!  Oh and I have decided I am ready to be in shape and semi skinny again so Day 1 of couch to 5K is today!

Have a GREAT Monday everyone!!!

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