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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little of Everything....

Whew......what a week!!  We have all been going in 6 different directions and struggling just to fit everything it....but we did it!!:-)

Dalton is moving right along in Math, I think him and I are both ready for him to be completely finished.  Colton is doing really well with his Reading Lessons although we did skip a couple of days this week.  I started a new preschool program with all 3 of our little ones plus the little boy I babysit and we have had a blast, even if we are a couple of days behind schedule.

This week and weekend has brought the end of cakes, fishing, swimming, Abigail's 2nd birthday and 1st week of couch to 5k completed.  It also brought the end of Baseball season....Dalton's team finished 2nd for the end of season tournament.  He played excellent in his final few games we have had a wonderful time:-)

I have stopped drinking sweet tea in a effort to cut back my sugar intake and the boys are less then impressed that they have accidentally grabbed it by mistake.  Dalton instructed me that something was horribly wrong with the tea and we needed to throw it out before it made everyone sick and Colton informed me that if  I wouldn't water down my tea it wouldn't taste so gross!! I'm actually getting adjusted to it and kind of like it.

Looking forward to a busy Monday and one more day with all my boys before my Husband has to go back to work......

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