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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One of those days.....

I am convinced that if we have someone who needs encouragement to release secrets pertaining to the safety of this world just lock them in a room with arguing children.  This has got to be the biggest form of torture around.  Five children arguing, whining, tattling, crying, and fighting could break any person in mere hours!!

We are recovering from a very busy long weekend.  The kids have foundered on the pool, being outside, pigging out, cookouts, having friends over, staying up and sleeping in late.  This means that this morning of getting back to normal has brought extremely cranky, exhausted kids and a semi cranky Mom.  I have a couple of little ones and myself that are sun burned so we have decided to just hang inside today and escape the heat.  One problem is that this gives them much more time to fight among themselves.  Another is that I'm sure I could throw in some more activities and try a little harder to keep them occupied which would probably cut down extremely on the tension but I am also exhausted so I would like to survive today with a bare minimum of effort from me.  This is probably a very unrealistic goal!! 

Dalton did complete his Math for yesterday(he spent the day at Dollywood with a friend), today and tomorrow (he is going to spend some time at his Dads for a day or two).  He seems to prefer this method as we are nearing the end, since it doesn't bother me either way I have been letting him do a few days at one time so he can have some extra freedom:-)  Reading lessons with Colton have been a total fail for the past two days, along with preschool and my Couch to 5k.

 I have decided just to declare today a survive however necessary day and get back on track tomorrow!! Sometimes that's just what you have to do.  I don't view it as giving up I see it more as saving my sanity!!

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