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Friday, July 6, 2012

Best Bubbles EVER!!

This is just a quick Sister-in-law bought Colton a giant bubble wand from the American Museum of Science and Energy for his birthday.  We broke it out today and it entertained all of us for a few hours, it is super neat and makes gigantic bubbles!!  Definitely a purchase I recommend for all the bubble lovers out there.  My favorite part of this experience though was the homemade bubble solution recipe on the back of the packaging.  I have used/tried several recipes before with varying degrees of results but this was by far the best.  If you decide to take a afternoon for bubble fun this Summer make sure you try out the recipe below:-)

Bubble Solution
16 cups of water
1 cup Dawn dish detergent
2 tbs of Baking powder

Here's a link to the exact same type of bubble wand she bought him....

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