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Friday, July 27, 2012

Classroom, Curriclum Planner, and Folder System

Our classroom area is finally finished so I thought I would share pictures:-)  I'm also going to share a step by step for the curriculum planner I am using and the folder system we decided to try for Colton.  I will include links for everything!!
We just took one corner and wall of the dining room and made our classroom space.

Curriculum Planner

Schedule Tab

Attendance Tab

Field Trip Tab
Evaluation/ Progress Tab


Lesson Plan


Curriculum Resources Tab

Long-Range Planning and Notes Tab

Colton's Subject Folders

Each one contains the entire weeks worth of work for that subject:-) Where the map and the small blue suitcase came from All of the curriculum planner printables FREE This is where I got the idea for the folders.... I did my system a little differently though:-)


  1. I love the idea of the folders! We don't have room really for anything resembling a workbox system, though we love it but need something color coded - thanks! It looks great! :)

    Crystal @ Homeschool Dreams

  2. Thanks!! Glad I could help:-)