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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Time is Here.......

Even though it seems like I have spent the entire Summer preparing for this I still can't believe the 1st day of School is almost here.  For us the first official day for Colton's Kindergarten will be August 6th, Dalton will start at the local Middle School on August 7th.  We have decided to follow the public school system schedule as close as possible.  My thoughts are that this will make things a little easier to keep straight and organized.  We have repainted and rearranged the dining room in a effort to make a "classroom" area, as soon as it is completely finish I'll share.  Colton's weekly themes and required lessons are all mapped out and his 1st week is written in the lesson plan book, worksheets printed out, and separated into the correct subject folders.  I have several neat preschool lessons to do with Weston, he is very excited about school and eager to learn so recently I went back and came up with some more ideas for him.  At the beginning of the week Dalton and I will spend a day getting him clothed and supplied for 6th grade.  I think we are ready for this upcoming year:-)  Sounds nice doesn't it?? I'm not sure how ready we actually are, Colton and I are going to have a huge learning curve this year as we move through this experience together.  Dalton will be fine and is so excited about this year but can I just say how much I'm dreading Middle School.  I think it is quite possibly the worse three years in a child's school life.  Homeschooling has made the upcoming Kindergarten transition slightly less dreaded since he will be home with me but still it is sort of a sad time.  I'm not sure how my babies reached these ages, for some reason I think they should all still be newborns.  The boys are all four great kids!! They are sweet, caring, smart, confident, and just a little rotten so I'm sure each will thrive in the next steps of their lives.  And me well I'll just lock the bedroom door and cry in private.

As the school year starts I'm going to try a more organized approach to blogging (we'll see how long it lasts), my plans are to do weekly updates that detail our lesson plans in the Kindergarten section.  I will include printables, links to the curriculum/sites we are using, pictures of our activities with directions and a sneak peek at our weekly Art lesson.  There will be a separate post for the entire Art lesson since those include step-by-step instructions and it will be in the Activities section.  I have also begun reviewing various kid-friendly products so from time to time you may see a post on a new fun item:-) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year, be sure and check back in to see how we are surviving!!!


  1. Can't wait to see and read about your experience this school year. Also looking forward to seeing what preschool lessons and projects you will be doing. I am going to be keeping a little girl during the school year that I hope to do some preschool activities and such with her. Good luck!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy the preschool posts:-)