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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our World

This was a hectic and busy week.  We lost a couple of days to Dr's appointments and illness but in the end everything worked out (once I stopped stressing).  We didn't do a lot of "book" work but instead did several hands on activities and spent a lot of time reading and talking about the topics:-)  Weston was not feeling school at all so his complete preschool week consisted of playtime. 
Colton was extremely proud of his Tennessee flag he made.  I had printed out a worksheet for him to color and he decided he wanted to find a stick(in this case a lollipop stick from my candy supplies) and make it into a actual flag.
We also worked on the letters W.O.R.L.D, practiced writing his first and last name, colored our state on a map of the United States, did our "My World" craft, and studied plants. 
We went to a friend's birthday party last weekend and the boys collected some acorns while they were there.  So this week we studied them, discussed the different parts of plants and what they need to grow.  Then Daddy helped the boys plant them in the yard, so now they can watch and see what (if anything) happens.
Next week is Virtues and Values week and we have tons of fun activities planned.  First up Monday which is Cupcake Day and we are doing a neat cupcake activity themed around the book "The Giving Tree".  

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