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Monday, September 3, 2012

Fabulously Fun Week!!!!

So this was a great week and weekend for us, Davids started his 7 day vacation, Dalton got a 4 day weekend at home, and college football started!! Combine that with some other super fun events and we have completely wore ourselves out:-)

This week of school was our virtues and values themed week.  We started it off by reading "The Giving Tree", our activities to go with that consisted of thank-you cards and our cupcake project.  Next we read the original "Rainbow Fish" and a couple of books on good manners "D.W's Book of Manners" and "The Bernstein Bears Forgot Their Manners".  Most of our work consisted of hands on activities this week.
The boys icing their cupcakes, Weston was having a bit of trouble staying on task;-)

The finished project, the boys painted the poster board and decorated their cupcakes as leaves and apples.  Then they told me things that you can give people without buying actual items.  They had a blast creating this.
Our first adventure of the weekend was The Knoxville Zoo.  We love the zoo and have annual passes (huge moneysaver).  It is a great facility complete with tons of exhibits, splash pad, and homeschool classes, plus on a lot of days (like this past Saturday) you can find staff at the different exhibits telling a few fun facts and letting the kids check out different items.  This time our niece Abs and our cousin Lily tagged along.
Abigail or Abs.....look closely folks it doesn't get more adorable then this;-)

Typically we do not do the camel rides but since this week is our "Staycation" we decided to splurge.

If you have EVER been to the Knoxville Zoo you will recognize what the kiddos are perched on.

A more recent addtion in the broze statue deparment.

Our whole crew (minus me) waiting while I purchased the extra tickets.

Bunch of chimps.....

The newest addition to the zoo is a splashpad. The kids loved it!!!! It was our first time for this and I was pretty impressed, my only complaint is the insanely tiny bathroom located near it.  The bathroom was there first so hopefully now that they have seen the demand with the new splashpad they will remodel or build a additional bathroom facility over the winter.  Abs and Keaton couldn't get enough.
Next up the lake.  We went to the public swimming area located in Big Ridge State Park and met up with some friends.  It is such a nice area and we definitely plan on going back!!  There is a very shallow area roped off surrounded by concrete, the deeper areas come complete with a sandy beach, volley ball net and diving docks.  Oh did I mention the concrete steps and bottom!! Great place to go during warm weather!!!

Last but certainly not least Boomsday!!! Now if you live in or around Knoxville then Boomsday is a must, definitely get there early during the day so you can secure your spot and enjoy all the activities.  I love Boomsday but with four kiddos it is not excactly a easy outing for a Mom with very high anxiety so we have skipped the last couple of years and just watched on t.v.  But David is currently working for Holston gases which is located right down the river from where they shoot off the fireworks.  Each year they have a buffet for their employees and their families on their property.  It was wonderful!! Kids had plenty of room to run and play while waiting on the show plus the view was great!!  We won't mention the complete monsoon everyone was caught in as the fireworks were ending;-)
Enjoying his cupcake!!

I mean she really is just the cutest thing ever!!

Great seats!!!

The older three boys waiting on the fireworks to begin.
This was a absolutely fabulous week.  David's vacation conintues through Thursday so we plan on hitting up the American Museum of Science and Energy along with a few other things as part of our "Staycation". 
Oh and on a side note UT, LSU and Notre Dame all won their ballgames this weekend so all the football fans in our house are happy!!!

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