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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saying goodbye to Summer Vacation!!

As sad as I am to see Summer go I'm just as excited to welcome the school year.  Tomorrow bright and early Colton starts his Kindergarten adventure with me as his teacher, Tuesday afternoon Dalton starts his Middle School adventure with me as a petrified onlooker.  Whatever the next few months bring with them I know my boys are going to do wonderful, I can't wait to watch them grow inside and out!!

We decided to spend our last school free day at the World's Fair Park.  If you've never been this is a wonderful area, I have really tried to show the kids some of the great areas we have locally this Summer.  Sometimes I forget how many fun things there are to do right in our own back yard so to speak.  The World's Fair Park has huge fountains, a playground, the Sunsphere and close by the wonderful Knoxville Museum of Art and Kid Fort:-)  We met up with some friends and enjoyed the beautiful day including a longer visit to the Sunsphere so I could get some more pictures and for David to check it out.
Views from the Sunsphere...

What the fountains look like from up above...

The boys were excited to see Daddy's work underneath the bridge.

Keaton wasn't too sure about the water so he stuck close to Dad.

The Sunsphere from the fountains....





All in all it was a great day to wrap up our Summer!! We have had some great adventures over the last few months:-)

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