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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Erupting Pumpkins!!!

The other day on I found a site that had erupting pumpkins and we just couldn't resist:-)  Growing Jeweled Rose had a lot of other great ideas for messy play so be sure you check them out.  After reading her post I decided I wanted to use the little pumpkins and try to get the whole face to erupt, it worked on one of them:-)  The best part is we are roasting the pumpkin seeds this evening also....I love those!!! Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe
Now we love Halloween and usually end up carving pumpkins a couple of times but this is by far the earliest ever.  Since we are doing a Unit Study on pumpkins I just couldn't wait.  We usually have Dad do the gross part since neither I nor the boys like it but today we dealt with it:-)

I took the tops off and placed about 6 tablespoons of baking soda in each one, then added the food coloring the boys wanted.  When I carved them I put a small opening in the back for pouring in the vinegar, you could always just pour it in the top but I wanted the top on the pumpkins...... it just bothered me.  I poured the vinegar in until it foamed.

Colton put green, yellow and purple in his.

Weston of course was all blue.

The second round of vinegar we got Colton's whole face to erupt.  Weston's never would but his mouth was a little bigger since he wanted a smiling pumpkin.  If you want the whole face make sure you keep your openings as small as possible:-)

All in all a pretty fun afternoon in the front yard, and the kids are already asking to do it again:-)

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