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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weather and Seasons

We spent two weeks on our weather and seasons unit instead of the one I had planned but the boys had a blast.  We implemented a lot of our new activities into our lessons.
Instead of just writing we have started using clay to form our letters and numbers.  The kids love this and it seems to be helping with recognition plus it counts as one of Colton's fine motor skills activities.

Stringing beads and using tweezers to place pom-poms are strictly motor skills.  I got these together for Colton but Weston loved them so they both had fun practicing.

Weston's preschool paper work.....

Colton's Kindergarten work.....we covered a lot of material over the two week unit.

Our art lessons...1. We used watercolor paint and oil pastels to complete a picture while learning about the different types of lines.  2.  We used construction paper to make trees to show the different seasons.  3.  We used our cloud paint and made clouds. 

We used some items that I made, a free printable weather unit from the Living Life Intentionally blog and two kindergarten speedy packets the I downloaded from Currclick for $1.  Part of the speedy packets included these learning cards and we loved them.  They are basically a summary of each lesson and would work great laminated but we just glued them to construction paper.
We had so much fun with this unit. I am going to include all the links for the printables that we used.  Also remember to check out the posts in the activities section for instructions on how to make the cloud paint and to see our cloud in a jar activity.

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