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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun FALL Weekend!!

Did you catch the all capitalized "FALL"....we love Fall!!! Such a beautiful time of year and the perfect weather to get outside and spend time with the family. 

Saturday was the first official day of Fall and we spent it at the Knoxville Zoo for superhero day. Colton's favorite is Captain American so he was excited!! Weston kept looking for Spiderman but he still had fun;-) The best part of the trip was that thanks to the wonderful weather all of the animals were out and about!! 

We got there early and only had to stand in line for 10 minutes....wonderful!!

Watching the chimps...

Loving the petting zoo...

Today (Sunday) we decided to visit Knoxville Botanical Gardens for their 3rd annual Fall Festival.  It was free admission with kid friendly activities.  This was our first visit here but we will definitely be going back beautiful grounds and extremely nice workers and volunteers.  We decided to take the hayride tour of the grounds (only $1 per person) and we were glad we did.  It would of been a lot of steps for Keaton's little legs:-) 
Playing horseshoes with Daddy...

Do you see what I see?

Beautiful space for a event.

They made grass men and were still checking them out in the facepaint line.

Favorite part of the day..the Bamboo Forest.

More Cuteness!!!!

The Knoxville Zoo is a great outing for us and we buy a pass each year for $95....since it would cost us around $110 for a one day admission.  Plus I keep our cups and get them refilled each time for a total of just a few dollars, the kids favorite this year is the popcorn bucket that we can get refilled for $.99. 
The gardens are always free so stop by and enjoy all they have to offer:-)
I hope everyone enjoyed their first Fall weekend as much as we did!!!

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