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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


How many of you out there have more than one kiddo?  Are they alike?  How are they different?  Aside from the family resemblance or in our case Daddy resemblance you can't even tell ours are related!!

We have four....they are all boys and they are are all adorable but that's where the similarities STOP.  I never thought it was possible for four siblings to be this different and it still catches my attention from time to time. 

Dalton, the oldest, is 11 and seems oblivious to the fact that his three younger brothers have in fact ended his only child status;-)  He loves all the typical boy stuff; hunting, fishing, and sports.  But he is also my attention craving child (probably thanks to a little over indulgence from just about every adult in his life).  He likes to be the center of attention and has always leaned towards communicating with the adults around instead of the other children.    He is the child that you can take anywhere and he will behave, ever since he was born.  Want to go out to a fancy restaurant and eat, go ahead....spend the day walking around the mall, no problem....I never realized how great this was until I had my younger ones. To this day I can't enjoy a meal in public without silverware being thrown in the floor, tantrums, tablecloths pulled off, etc.  Dalton is exceptional in school and always has been, he does great with little or no instruction required and that talent carries over to just about anything he sets his mind too.  Now ask him what color the grass was yesterday and he will swear he's forgot;-)

Colton, next in line, is 5 and boy do you know when he is around.  Colton is always the center of attention but most of the time I don't think he realizes it.  He is so expressive and his huge imagination takes him places most of us will only dream about:-)   He is the kid that loves everything and he craves any new adventure he can experience!! Give him a scrap piece of paper and a crayon and he will act like you have handed him the moon.  He loves everyone and is one of the most thoughtful kids I have ever seen.  He is not very affectionate physically, a hug every now and then goes a long way for him;-)  He is always moving and talking, talking, and talking some more!!  He retains everything and can recite more random facts then the rest of us put together.  He is also my sensitive one, Colton doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  His brothers reduce him to tears at least 5 times daily.  Colton takes at least 2 hours scattered through out the day to shut himself in his room alone, if he doesn't get a chance to do that then the day will not end well.

Weston just turned 4 and he is our quirky one:-)  He likes routine and quiet.....noise is not his friend.  He could care less if you ever even acknowledge his presence as far as attention goes but at the same time likes to be as close as humanly possibly to whoever is around.    He's our loving kiddo.  Every night every family member gets "three big hugs and three big kisses" before bedtime.  He is also very sneaky, since he stays so quiet most of the times whenever he causes trouble he gets away with it because no one realizes it was him.  Everyone is his friend as long as he knows you.  He will play for hours by himself in his room and never make a sound.  He like everything blue and refuses to sleep unless he is fully clothed for the next day(one of those quirks I mentioned).  Weston does not like anyone outside of his comfort zone and would be perfectly content to never venture into public again. 

Keaton is 2 and the baby of the family.  He seems to have inherited the only child thought process from his oldest brother ;-)  Keaton is well....... rotten, he spends his days terrorizing his brothers and me. This child has a temper like nothing I have ever seen.  One thing going wrong leads Keaton into a full blown tantrum.  None of his brothers can win a confrontation with him and although his Dad and I like to think we win honestly I'm not sure.  He is also too cute for words and adored by us all so that is probably part of the issue;-)  He is the most difficult one of the bunch and if he is having a bad day then chances are so is everyone else.  Nothing is ever easy with Keaton and I mean nothing.  But get him in a good moment and give him a few hot wheels and he will sit in a corner and play for hours (providing everyone stays at least five feet away from him).  The smile that he shoots your way when he glances over his shoulder will melt anyone's heart...I guarantee it. 

So what do they all have in common besides their undeniable cuteness, well they are each the center of my World.  David and I try really hard let them each be their own person and if that means we end up doing the same thing four different ways then so be it.  Somedays that is definitely easier then others.  A lot of times things go great and all of the personalities just kind of mesh together and work, other times I feel certain I look like that disleveled Mom in Walmart who most probably think need her children taken away due to her inability to control them;-) 

My question for you is what do you do to embrace your kids' individuality?  Is it a issue in your house?  Do you ever wonder how it happened? 

I can safely say regardless of it all I wouldn't change a thing!!

Thought all of their faces were the perfect examples of individuality!!

Colton lost in some faraway thought and Weston holding his ears to block out my repetitive instructions.

Our beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary boys!!:-)

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