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Friday, November 9, 2012

My new addiction to 31

It happened.........I crossed to the dark side and fell in love with 31J  Okay so maybe it’s not quite that drastic but honestly I’ve never paid close attention to their products until recently.  A girl I worked with carried a Retro Metro Bag and I decided I had to have one.  So I called up a friend of mine who also happens to be the best 31 consultant out there and booked a party.  If you are familiar with 31 then you know why I booked a party instead of just ordering the bag but if you’re like me and not familiar with it then let me clue you in.  We all know when you host a party to sell a product you get hostess rewards, discounts, etc.  and 31 is no exception.  In fact they have one of the most impressive hostess rewards programs I have come across and I was instantly impressed.   Plus they have some great exclusive items that you can only purchase by hosting a party.
Here is my personal order....the retro metro bag in spirit grey, wristlet in patchwork paisley, the elephant icon change purse(how cute is that), and my hostess exclusive the perfect party set in say it taupe.  Love my products!! Since this was my first 31 party I wasn't sure what to expect but everybody loves it!!  When the shipment arrived and I notified everyone their excitement was obvious.

I'm going to brag on this product.  It is a hostess exclusive so you have to have a party or catalog order to purchase it.  It's insulated and has two seperate zipper pouches to hold two 9x13 or smaller casserole the spoons match!! At $20 this is a a must have for any 31, cooking, or baking fan. 
If you're interested in some more details about hosting a party, placing a order or just seeing a catalog then please let my consultant know.  Her name is Carmen Brooks and she is great.  Check out her website  There is a great special for November where for every $35 you spend you can purchase one of their brand new products, a medium utility tote for only $5!!!  I have one of those also....and love it!!

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