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Friday, November 9, 2012

Election Day

So we are not overly political in our house but I thought it was necessary to at least introduce the subject of Election Day with the middle two kiddos.  Dalton of course is older and he kept up with all the election news on his own, even watched the debates.  He has always like to be very informed or should I say doesn’t want anyone to know something he doesn’t;-)  For Colton and Weston they needed a complete run down on just what was happening on Election Day.  We kept it simple by listening to a audio book on classroom president elections and then did some coloring sheets or President Obama, Mitt Romney and of course the donkey and elephant.  In the end all they can really remember about our short lesson was that the President is “Obamado” (they seem to think his name is more fun by pronouncing it that way) but at least they will of heard of it so in four years we can go a little more in depth.

 What about your family?  Do you introduce the little ones to voting and Election Day or do you wait until they are older?

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