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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tree, Leaf and Seed Unit Study plus some Tips, Recipes and FREEBIES!!

Our tree, leaf and seed unit study has arrived at an early end.  The kids just weren’t feeling it and neither was I so onto our Thanksgiving studies.  We did enjoy the first parts of it where we revisited the seasons, leaves changing colors, weather, etc.  We firmed up on some of our information we already knew about the local trees and animals that make them their homes.
Our shaving cream and paint leaves were tons of fun so please use the link to themJ The directions for this activity can be used with any shape or color scheme you want to work with.  We also loved doing our melted crayon apples.

Colton has made great progress with his number recognition thanks to a program called Touchpoint or Touchmath .  They have some great free printables on their website plus I found some great free poster printables on Pinterest that go along with it. We have been using this method for two weeks and the results are pretty impressive.  So far I am just using the free resources I have found but I plan on biting the bullet and purchasing the whole program soonJ

Another product that I found this past week was the The Lab of Mr. Q, they have great EBooks that are easy to follow and can be adjusted for a couple of different grade levels.  Right now you can download their Life Science student and parent copy ebook for FREE so be sure and take advantage!!  I also discovered that Hobby Lobby has a couple of back aisles that are a gold mine for all of us homeschoolers or just Moms in general.  Combined with my new knowledge that they offer a 40% off coupon on their mobile site each week and I purchased a fabulous wall map for just $8:-)
It's the Animals of the World Map.....
As we start learning about Thanksgiving it's important to me that my boys understand just how lucky they are and how wonderful our lives are so we are doing a Thankful tree.  I painted and cut out a tree trunk to go on the wall and each day everyone adds a leaf with something they are thankful for whether it is something small or something big.  The whole family is participating and we have had lots of fun.  The top looks a little puny right now but by the end of the month I expect a beautiful, colorful tree:-)
I need to print off a squirrel to add to it;-)

The kids have done great with their leaves!!
Off subject just a bit but as many of you know I am addicted to pinterest and I am not alone.  So in an attempt to make up for virtually not cooking the entire month of October I have decided to incorporate  several new recipes that I have found on Pinterest into our menu over the next couple of weeks!!  Last night’s hits were Million Dollar Spaghetti and Chocolate Chip Pie.  These were approved by my Hubby, our friends and most importantly the kiddos!! Plus they were both super easy and the spaghetti would be a great make ahead and freeze meal.

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