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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art Lesson (Shapes)

I'm not sure where I saw this idea but I loved it.  You can never do too many art lessons in my opinion.  We love Art in our house and you can use it to teach or review just about anything.  Today's lesson involves shapes.  The boys were a little skeptical when I handed them a bunch of cut out construction paper shapes and told them we were making pictures but they caught on really quick.  To do this lesson you will need shapes in various colors and sizes cut out of construction paper, a few whole sheets of paper, glue sticks, and something to add background details (we used oil pastels).
These were my three original ideas.  As you will see each of the boys put their own unique touch to them:-)

Once the pictures were dry the boys took the oil pastels and drew in lots of beautiful details.  They each ended up with a house, a caterpillar and a spaceship.

These are Weston's(preschool) finished products.

Here are Colton's (Kindergarten).
We did all three of these pictures in one lesson because the boys were having a blast and staying focused.  From start to finish it took us over two hours but they enjoyed it.  If you want or need this could be broken down into three lessons of just one lesson with one picture.

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