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Friday, January 25, 2013

ReNew Ministries-Company Reveiw

ReNew Ministries is a new and local business for East Tennessee that opened in October 2012.

Below is a short statement from the company's owner, Kacy Robinson, explaining the way it works.
"100% of all items are recycled in some form or fashion. We take clothing, bedding, towels, belts, purses, shoes, kids toys and books. Approximately 90% is redistributed to thrift stores and consignment shops to be resold, 10% is bundled and shipped overseas to places like Africa, the Sudan, Central and South America. The recycler that I am working with is involved with 39 countries around the world now and we are working on contracts with 10 other countries at the moment. If the items are too tattered, torn or stained, they are shredded and made into towels, cleaning rags for industrial use, fabric for car seats or insulation.
The monetary funds that are gained from the recycling and redistribution I am able to flush back out into the local area, East TN, to other ministries and organizations that provide treatment and help to the homeless or people struggling with addiction, hunger and abuse."

Starting with just a few donation bins originally Renew Ministries continues to grow.  They now have 22 bins placed to date in Anderson, Knox, Sevier and Blount counties.  This is a huge convenience for this area. 

I personally love having quick access to a local donation option.  This has enabled me to feel much better about where our unused or no longer needed items are going.  I always bagged and boxed up my unwanted items with the best of intentions but more often then not they either ended up back in a closet somewhere or even the garbage.  Since Renew Ministries has opened and placed donation bins right outside of Norris, Tn just 10 minutes for our home we have utilized them three times.

Take a minute and stop by their facebook page to show some appreciation for this local business ReNew Ministries- Facebook or if you want to learn more about their mission as a business or would like specific bin locations email them at

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