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Friday, February 1, 2013

Mommy Motivation

Or lack of..............

It's our third week of homeschool in 2013 and already I seem to have lost my motivation.  This is not uncommon for me as I tend to hit "funks" a couple of times a year but now I'm a homeschooling Mom.  I can't do that or can I?  Turns out I can....I did..... and guess what the world hasn't crashed down yet.  At the end of last week I just relaxed and we quit following lesson plans, this week we still aren't.  We are right smack in the middle of our Dinosaur Unit and should of finished it this week but instead we will go into next week. 

I just assumed since I had zero motivation the boys would be lost without my guidance and decided to declare a vacation week.  Boy was I wrong!!  The kiddos have gotten up each day and grabbed their dinosaur box and flashcards then spent hours playing "Dino Land" as they call it and matching their flashcards to each of the dinosaurs they were using.  While playing they would stop the other one and say "Wait he can't eat the he's a herbivore!!"  They used construction paper and made appropriate dinosaur habitats for them, they have popped "Dinosaur Train" in the DVD player for movie time, studied their library books together and even grabbed some of their copy work out of their school folders.  All of this has been done independently without any instruction from me.  I am amazed.

Since I had no motivation for this week I found myself asking if I was going to fail them as a homeschool Mom.  I mean you can't just take days off because you feel like it, can you?  As I watched them continue on barely noticng my absence from their school day I discovered that failing was not a option.  They have became so capable....they didn't need me to plan their school day they did it themselves.  I'm sure this would be what some would label unschooling.  I'm not overly familiar with that term so can offer no solid definition but this seems to fit. 

I plan on starting back strong today and "reviewing" their week.  I can't wait for them to tell me what all they have discovered on their own!!!!

My homeschooling lesson this week is don't give up or strive for perfection.  Even when you think you might be failing look closer....are you really?

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